Saturday, December 8, 2012

This picture was taken along Monk Street in the Glebe. When you come off of 5th Avenue or Wilton Crescent, Monk Street is signed as a bike route. But just how serioualy does the city take their bike routes? It seems to me from looking at this photo (look all the way up the street) that bike lanes are just parking spots. Parking control officers are very prevalent in the Glebe but they obviously turn a blind eye to this sort of thing. When will the city get serious about these infractions?

bike route

Parking in the bike route.


  1. It's difficult to believe that with the car congestion that is readily prevalent in that part of the city, bylaw officers would indeed allow cars to go unticketed in these lanes. When they need to fill their quota, they could have a hey-day!
    I see similar things in Hamilton, but not quite as bad as the photo you have posted.


  2. Thanks Wilson. I agree. There are many in the "City" working hard to make things better for cyclists but there doesn't seem to be integrated planning at City Hall. The right hand very rarely knows what the left is doing.