Monday, November 19, 2012

Bike friendly coffee shop


On a recent visit to Bridgehead's roasting house coffee shop I couldn't help noticing the indoor bike parking for employees. At one point there were 5 bikes and 5 employees visible. Outside, the bike racks were all occupied. Bridgehead has always impressed me with their concern for the environment and this is just one more example. A certain downtown coffee shop that promotes the removal of the segregated bike lane could certainly take a lesson or two from Bridgehead.


  1. Which Bridgehead? Although, they likely all have the same kind of thing available.
    When I am in Ottawa my wife and I will make an easy trip over to the one on Richmond Road (I suspect you are speaking about the one in the Glebe).

  2. No, not the Glebe. This is the newest Bridghead on Anderson Street just off Preston south of Somerset. It's actually the roaster house for all the Bridgeheads so you can see the coffee being ground. It's an interesting place, cozy in spite of its open spaces and well worth the visit.