Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roman orders in Perth

As you know, I'm not just about bikes. I also like a nice bit of Roman architecture. On a recent visit to the lovely town of Perth, Ontario, I came across these lovely examples. I wonder what the Romans would think if they could see how far the ideas of their empire stretched.

McMillan Building Perth

The McMillan building strikes me as a bit odd. The Roman influence is clear with the triangular pediment and the pilasters with ionic capitals. But the entrance to the building itself is rather drab and certainly not influenced by any Roman order.

Stewart House, on the other hand, is really a wonder in this small town. Beautiful fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and a striking pediment set this house off well.

Stewart house in Perth

Columns of the Ionic order at the side of the house make for a wonderful veranda. Stewart House once belonged to the town's richest family. Safe to say, they appreciated fine architecture.

Stewart house in Perth II


  1. Ok, congratulations for the photos, really nice. But, I think there are a loooooooot of things in the world that have a roman style, if u consider that romanish thing, something with a roman style.

  2. Steward House is, indeed, stunning.

  3. Beautiful Photo's, I love it.
    I'm all about cycling, my bike is in the shop after my wife ran over it..LOL
    Anyway check out my blog and follow me back if you want to.

  4. Didn't the Romans have bikes then? I know they didn't have forks. But they had chariots. Maybe bikes as well....Ionic ones.

  5. I like reading about architecture. I think I just found that out... thanks!

  6. What happens when Roman influence meets a lazy building contractor?


    Nice pictures, I should visit Ottawa some time.

  7. k legal...que maravilhas,parece um sonho....