Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ottawa's Bixi fleet rolls out!

Ottawa's Bixi cycles had their inaugural roll out this morning under less than promising skies. However, several journalists and CBC television were on hand to cover the launch and several keeners hung about eager to take the first ride. So, what do Ottawa's Bixis look like? Well, surprise, surprise, they are red and white. Capitale is the logo, not Ottawa. Quite striking and very Canadian!

There will be a total of 10 stations in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. Downtown locations include the Elgin Street station beside the National Arts Centre as well as Queen and O'Connor and Queen and Lyon. Booth Street near the Canadian War Museum will have a Bixi station as will the market area with a station located at the Murray and Mckenzie intersection by Major's Hill Park. This location had only one loney Bixi but I imagine this is because the Elgin site had 20 bikes of which only 10 will be staying there.

The lone Bixi near the National Gallery of Canada.

Ottawa's attractive Capitale Bixi.

It didn't take long for the public to start using the Bixis. In fact, it looked like several people were milling about waiting for the media to get out of their way. Not everyone wants to be on television.

The first couple to ride off on the Bixis.

Another Bixi sampler.

I haven't actually riden a Bixi yet. It's the same design as the Montreal and Toronto Bixis. The only bike-share bike I have used is the Stockholm bike and it's a smaller, lighter design. The Paris bike is also a different style. Bike-share cycles tend to be somewhat heavy but this is because they need to be rugged to put up with the abuse they'll likely receive. I intend on hopping on one soon and I'll post a review.

Montreal Bixi

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