Monday, March 21, 2011

Sustainable and delicious!

Buying local is an environmentally friendly way to shop and when you can buy local items that are absolutely delicious then you have a perfect situation. In Ottawa, we are lucky enough to have the Art-is-in Bakery. Art-is-in bakery is located just west of downtown at 250 City Centre. However, we discovered this excellent bread at our local Loeb in the Glebe. We were wondering how Loeb had managed to snag such an excellent bread maker. I pictured the baker toiling away anonymously in the back but it turns out that this Loeb is one of the many places in the city that feature Art-is-in bread. Buns or loaves or baguettes…all those sampled so far have not only looked mouth-wateringly good but have tasted delicious. I look forward to biking over to their bakery via the Laurier segregated bike lane this summer.

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