Thursday, January 13, 2011

An easy winter for cycling?

The winter of 2010–11 has certainly been a bike-friendly winter so far. I don’t recall a winter when I’ve seen so many cyclists. I counted over a dozen on my way home from work yesterday and I didn’t go home via the canal pathway where bikes are a common sight. I have noticed that most of the bikes I’m seeing are not as fine as the summer bikes. Perhaps, like me, people have stored their number one bike. I’ve put away my good bike and have been using my old mountain bike this winter. I find it great in the snow and it’s ideal for short trips. Some favour a thin tire in the winter and I would probably change to thin tires myself if I rode my bike in the sloppy slush of the roads. But I can get to most of my destinations on bike paths and I find the wide, knobbly tires great on packed down snow or even in several inches of snow…but  not slush!


  1. Indeed, it's been much like last year (my first year of riding through the winter). And since I got an internal hub I don't have to clean my gears as much. Bike ON!

  2. An internal hub would be nice. I have one on my #1 bike but I really don't want to expose it to all the salt. Ottawa is very heavy on the salt.